Sunday, December 02, 2007


Malaysia leader hails India's stand
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India should let Malaysia handles
The country’s citizen problems
Good ways or bad decisions
The people should decide in the boxes

The BN government should practice
The principles of democracy
Don’t use laws outdated now
To curtail the street demonstrations

Give them a designated area
Where these people can express
Without fear of any reprisals
By the government or any leader

The Police should give permits
On conditions that the organizers should control members
Nothing seditious nothing to downgrade any race or religion
A march of civil consciousness
Then all must disappear to where they came from
Objectives have been done
All can wish each other a good job done

The Police can station its officers
This is to prevent any untoward incidents
They shouldn’t act against the peaceful civil marchers
This isn’t the way the civil consciousness works

At least now the sleeping beauty heard
He has to do something before it turns ugly
This isn’t the way one wanted to believe
Listen to words nothing comes out of it

Now Anwar got it wrong
We are Malaysians not Indian nationals
This is the country’s problem
Let us handle it with our own expertise
We don’t need outsiders to mess it up
It will be no end if one allows it to happen

The sleeping beauty had heard it
Now we watch what he will do next
At least now he has his chance
To say he is there for all of us

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