Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Where will we be then?
Even in blogs the police want a piece
On the people who blog

The democratic way
It isn’t happening in free information
On the lives of the people
When some one says something critical
The government of BN doesn’t accept
The police go after in ‘bandit’ raids

Are the leaders that afraid?
Of the internet community around the world
Telling what they think ills the nation
The sleeping beauty doesn’t seem to know
Saying one thing let others do the wrongs

Sad in the nation
Listening to silent majority
Carrying balls to destroy the country
I guess they don’t see the true picture
Greed is the way care less what others say

Merry Christmas
The spirit of good cheers and harmony
It falls badly on the country’s leaders
Allowing this gross injustice
Befallen on the bloggers

Where will we be then?
Change them in the ballot boxes
The change will start from there

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