Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The misty clouds
The blinding eyes
The minds refuse to believe
What is happening soon?

Next year will be business as usual
The BN government will say much more
Costs of many goods increase
They tell you it is still cheap
They love to rationale it with other countries

The majority will curse and wail
In the roadside stalls over cups of coffee
Saying it loud and doesn’t care a bit
When the ballot boxes arrive
They don’t know what to write

Next year the heat is on
When you don’t get cooked
It is said it would happen in 2012
The world will come to an end

How true on ancient records?
The date falls on 23/12/2012
So I say go on living
As much as one should

And pray as much as we could
Maybe then Allah spares the rod
Let the Earth gets her second chance
Moving forward in harmony
Sustaining peace and adequate distribution
For all people bowing in homage
To the Almighty Lord who makes it happen

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