Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The cry of the minority
Lead by leaders with hidden catches
On the sea of many fishes
Only some swim into the nets

Look at the poor
Living by the hands to mouths
Sickness and hungry
Sweet words bring a sense of hope

On the streets
These people the government condemns
Telling them this isn’t the way
It has been 50 years
Yet nothing much to address their plight

Housing projects only eyes of dream
They have no money even to survive
Many leaders promised many goodies
When time to deliver everything disappears

The cry of the minority
Look into their plight
Seriously before it turns ugly
By the selfish leaders hidden agendas

Sweet words of hope
The minority listens with open heart
Only to be taken for a ride
By leaders with selfish plans

The government leaders should listen
Open their eyes circulate their hearts
Show them the road of easy lives
Without crying and sadness in the eyes

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