Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Manly beach in Sydney Australia

Where will it be?
When the government denies
The people grievances rising high
Echoing with the rushing wind

Instead of engaging the people
In a constructive beneficial way
The government goes driving blindly again
Issuing statements downplaying the problems
Where will it be, my friend?

AG said Hindraf linked to Tamil Tigers
Someone had made a police report
What a silly excuse!
If that is so, someone too can make
The same about UMNO
So where does this logic end?

The political muscling
It shouldn’t be the way
The pride of the nation
The smile of the people
Where will it be, my friend?

UMNO leaders invoke ISA
Strip off citizenship
On those bringing dispute to the country
I don’t hear they say
About the Malaysian Malay terrorists
Killing innocent people in foreign land

Think about it oh leader of the nation
Hear the people cry in the air
Don’t you listen really hear the voices in your ears?
Without people freedom there will not be public safety
It is the people who make the sense in the nation

Read the story of Moses and the Pharaoh of Egypt
Refusing to listen to Moses pleas of help
Aggressively pursuing to destroy Moses and his people
Finally Pharaoh lost in battle
For refusing to listen to his people pleas

Listen to the people
It is where the society flourishes
About people and nation
The leaders are elected by the people
So go down to listen
It won’t cost you anything

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