Friday, December 21, 2007


Message Of Peace... Wish your loved ones peace and harmony with this beautiful ecard.

If every one can fly
There won’t be any problem in our eyes
Flying freely to any where
No need to wait
You can take if off
When the time you want

Why peace come so darkness?
Is it because we wanted to be number 1?
If you think you are right
You should make allowance for dissent
It isn’t that difficult
Allowing somebody to say something else

If every one can fly
Nothing to worry about rules and laws
Spread the good cheers saying hello in the sky
In the free traffic

Yet humans aren’t satisfied
Some won’t make it easy to fly
Put up barriers protecting their turfs
They say certain parts in the sky
It is out of bound unless you pay toll
Why peace come so darkness?

If every one can fly
No barrier no laws
Just enjoy a peaceful flight in the sky
Feeling like the wind
Getting out in style

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