Sunday, December 16, 2007


The silent majority
Damai Malaysia rakes its reward
Labeling all those like me
I haven’t heard of it
Till the day this group met the sleeping head

What am I?
I have no voice to say my piece
Somebody has hijacked my liberty
Putting words in my mouth so to speak

Now the sleeping beauty brags
In the press saying the majority
Doesn’t want any street demonstration
It rattles his sleeping pattern I suppose

There are many ways to skin a cat
Rallies are many ways to organize
Peaceful marching for a cause
Let no demon comes to destroy
Yet we all know
The police will plant their agents
Provokes the masses into retaliation
This is what they wanted
Justification that brute force must be used

The businessmen will play their part
Issuing statements saying profits go down
They don’t say about human dignity
It isn’t in their vocabulary
Money is Mr Watson

In democracy different view must prevail
The avenues of saying that shouldn’t be blocked
Let these people have their say what’s wrong
The government of the day

Grievances on the marginalized people
It can’t be channeled to the race base parties
Nothing will be done as recent events had shown
They are left alone until they got fed up
This is where the turnout would become

The sleeping beauty turns it there
Let the respective race base leaders take the role
He goes back to sleep once more
In his dreams of thousand and one nights

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