Monday, December 31, 2007


The path of a life is a journey
Some you win; some you loose
Some you take a middle ground
Some you make your own
Some others telling you

The year 2007 nearly gone
By then accomplishments and disappointments file in history
It will be there nipping your way
Telling you don’t make any silly mistakes
For the new year of 2008

The path of a life
The circle it will arrive
You think you have forgotten some
It comes to haunt you
“Why you walk the same road again?”

Look at the people
Partying till the wee hours
As if nothing will worry them
For tomorrow will come
They always bet on it

We should say grace
To the Lord who make it so
Partying can be had later
For tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet

The path of a life
Nobody will know beyond the eyes
Will it be good; will it be bad?
When the clock strikes the gong
We will know………….

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