Sunday, December 09, 2007


The Earth is spinning to her doom unless we play our part to stop it. On ancient record it was stated on 23/12/2012 by the Maya. This great civilization had done so many wrongs that it was finally destroyed completely. Till today one can still find its remnants of the past and the people who are still alive from the generations after generations of these great warriors. Now the modern world is facing the same footpath of the ancient people. In a way the modern people never really learn. Look at us. We fight, we argue, we talk of religions - this one is yours that one is mind and the two shall not be equal. Shame isnt it? And the ozone gets a bigger hole every day. The solid block ice in the artic melt causing floods on the low lying areas and it is also caused by the 'dont care attitude' of the people. Have we changed our thinking, life styles, our actions? We dont. Look at the efforts of recycle, cycle and reuse projects. Some have done it others are walking slowly and the local councils aren't in the loop. The local authorities provide the bins and people to carry it but these officers aren't in the loop. They dont place it as its top priority. And the people too never change. If you stay in an area populated by majority the Chinese, you will see how unconcerned they are. If you stay in an area populated by majority the Malays, you will see beautiful landscapes in their houses. (I know for a fact I once lived in a kampong. Sometimes I tell others go to the Malay houses, you will see the beautiful gardens.) If you stay in an area populated by the Indians, you hear noise pollution ringing in your ears. And the food court and restaurants you will smell the stench of left over oil and rubbish throwing into the drains. It stays there for ages. Dont the health dept check on it? Now on the protecting our country, more defense expenditures are spent on the believe we have to protect our country's sovereignty. When the 3rd World War comes, there will be nothing left to shout about. There will be nuclear weapons used, chemical warfare, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunami and climatic changes resulting in weather going flip flopping and many will die. And the huge floods. The flood thing has been used in the religious texts even I read it was used in the ancient records. So finally the earth will be flooded. Where are now? Still playing hide and seek! And still trying to project a fair and equitable view in our lives and hope the government will do the same but we find it so difficult with these self servicing morons that we will eventually raise the bar to stamp our rights. In the ballox boxes. Every effort helps to secure the life of planet Earth. And pray we must for The Almighty Lord to show His mercy and showering us with His compassion and grace.................Because Lucifer will rise in Europe. It is happening now under the United Europe of 10 nations. The people have not realized it and still flowing with the crowd. Only the Lord of Host can undo what He wants............

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