Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A recent photo of an aerial view of flood hit areas in Rantau Panjang.

courtesy The Star

The man says he has big eyes and ears
He can see visions; formulate strategies
Unite the people of many races, cultures and religions
And set the road for national integration
If only he doesn’t sleep ……………..

Look at those harping on ‘ketuanan melayu’
As if this land belonging to them
Other races aren’t have equal responsibilities and rights
On the land every one chips in to make the best

For 50 years ago
The people live through the fragile cohesiveness
‘You don’t say bad things of me
I likewise won’t say it back to you’

It was good in the beginning
Then the ultras came to divide the simple folks
As years turned into decades
Now we have the cracks on the walls

The food of labor
The wealth of the nation
It is unbalance through the little napoleons
Administering the bounties to the people

The BN knows about it
The leaders just let it go unshackles
Until decades the ugly deed rears its head
The demons on the rise

Democracy ala UMNO/BN
It isn’t the principle no more
Giving the election saying this is it
Others don’t try to take away

Even comments against the ruling elite
The police will come knocking at your door
Because some one or party doesn’t agree
Where is the right to say a piece?
Dissenting voice must be allowed
How true when saying it yet condoned it backwards?
If only the sleeping beauty doesn’t fall asleep……….

Now look at the website of Pekida
Seditious in its words and calling names
Advertising for suicide bombers
It brings down the fragile wall of peace
And don’t forget its racist remarks
On the other races…………..

Will IGP take action?
Will UMNO take its own people to court?
The excuse will be ‘they don’t know’
Because the IGP said it is difficult to nap them through SMSes
Am I hearing it right?
If only the sleeping beauty stays awake………

Now the floods making havoc
Telling the people you deserve it
For nature we don’t take care
We let the ruling elite plunders it away
Don’t cry when the valuables and homes destroy
We deserve the government we elected
If only the sleeping beauty understood…………

The gates padlocked
It is called democracy
Other things nobody has a right to say
If only the sleeping beauty opens his eyes and ears………….

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