Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The joy to his world
The sleeping head nods it off
Dreaming away in his far off land
Land of Oz perhaps

Affairs of state
Running by the C4 guys
Counting the clock
The days of erection time

Will the fairy God Mother comes again?
Bewitching the people forgetting his mistakes?
The left turns or the right turns nobody knows
Sometimes it is driving at the centre
Ignoring traffic junctions
The snoozing head into the world of fairy tales

I pray oh leader of the nation
Know what you have done need to rectify
Don’t say words you can’t understand
Make it simple you won’t get it wrong

Now you nod off
Into the dreams of your world
Let it be known when you are awaken
You must be honestly fair in your action
Don’t go pleasing a race
It will be the downfall of many
Believe me history has said it

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