Monday, December 10, 2007


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where else?Sydney Australia

The caste system
It never disappears
It has evolved into different styles
Hooked on the people
Base on the marketing tools

Look at the professional bodies
Fellows, Ordinary and Associates
Giving different treatments
It is still that caste system

Try your hands on the credit cards
Don’t talk about income
See the various cards display
Standard, Gold and Platinum
It tells you where you stand

Huh…………even housing estates
Single, double, triple and 2 ½
Different bracket of people
Subtly says it depends on ability to pay
Choosing a place of abode
Oh yeah there is the gated community
Bungalows again different prices range
You think you have escaped the caste system
You live with it every day

When you purchase goods
You notice the difference
Branded and village products
Quality and methods used
Prices range so differently
Don’t you think it is caste system in price?

Low cost house and flats
Different take various forms
Living style so much different
You think you have arrived

The caste system never disappears
It is packaged into different styles
Live it knowing it brag it
It is there for the eyes to see

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