Saturday, December 08, 2007


Crying in the march
The marginalized people want justice be done
Walking on the streets
Carrying their goals spreading it wide

The slow walk blocked by their own cry
They get duped knowing not why
Hidden agendas not explained at all
It is money in the dark tunnel

Walk they must; sweat of faint rain
Eyes glow with the objective
The long neglect they want to share
On the march they wish they get it right

The march of crying
The leaders keep talking
The government says it will listen
To find ways to help in their sorrows

It is over 50 years
The cake is not distributed wisely
Yet the sleeping beauty says the government did
He doesn’t open his eyes
There is something wrong in his administration

The past will catch up with the present
And future generations will stare the blinking rain
Of not knowing why it happens
Too many corridors for hiding the pot of gold

Money almost makes many things happen
When the downtrodden and marginalized people flow
Thinking there is a pot of gold somewhere
They will be duped to think it is so
And this is where the problem begun

Listen, go out to help
Don’t sit on the ivory tower
Folding napkins holding court
Never really knowing the people down below

The marching will vibrate the streets
Business minded people will say it isn’t good
The happy citizens say it is so uncivilized
They have nothing else to do
Folks, it is the pot of gold
What else they want to tell?
And the idea of democracy
Every one says so differently

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