Saturday, December 01, 2007


The curry bubbling in the pot
The spices mix to add flavor
Once you taste it you won’t forget
On the pages of report
There will be the critic’s calling

Now the police taste the curry
A long list to digest in the stomach
The hot spices warmly glow
Will the police go after the spices?

The flavors now turning hot
The people smell the aroma
They want action fast
Speed it up don’t waste the taste
It may go when fire burns low

ACA gets a pot
The flavor enriches though ACA winks
Teary eyes don’t see it all
Shuffling papers ink it with its mixture
Trying to put a straight face
Imploring there is no hanky panky

The aroma flowing in the air
The recipes find its way in nooks and corners
Now the people want to know
Action or none at all
In the flavors of the corridors

The spices in the recipes
The authorities blink smelling it
Trying to figure what to do
While the fire blowing hotly

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