Sunday, December 16, 2007


The 31 souls
Out on the wrong side of the roads
When the marches were lighted up
The police came with water cannons splashed

Many were gated
Some were caught
Other innocent bystanders were napped
Because they were dark skinned on the wrong road

They thought they could be free
Paid the fine that was the end of it
But no to their horror!
The AG wants to charge with attempted murder
On the police officer who suffered stitches on his head

Police brutality the government forgets
AG doesn’t pursue until public pressured
Like the case of the former IGP
Nobody forgets its history

Lorry drivers, students, pensioner, manager and executive
All facing the attempted murder rap sheet
It can be charged for bodily h arm instead of attempted murder
It will be the tasked of AG to proof it in court of law
This is the selective prosecution
Arising out from the Hindraf street demonstration

The voters elected the government
And now the dog bites the voters
How irony it has become!
The marginalized people get clobbered
In economy as well as dignity
How low must they go?

IN democracy let these poor souls go
The government must be able to accept criticisms
Of the good, the bad and the worst

p/s AG dropped the murder charge rap on the 31 people caught during the Hindraf demonstration in the city (17/12/07) Now perhaps these people can be fine and let them go home.........................?

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