Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Taking action: Police personnel escorting several of those who were arrested to police
vehicles waiting nearby at the Parliament in Kuala Lumpur yesterday29 picked up

Police arrested 29 people who snubbed a court order and went ahead with an illegal gathering at the Parliament House. They were detained after they showed up to submit a Bersih memorandum to protest against the Constitution (Amendment) Bill to extend Election Commission members’ retirement age from 65 to 66. Courtesy from The Star

Operation Erase
The beauty and the beast
Of Islam Hadhari
Finally the head came

Compassionate in giving
Cooperation to make unity
Tolerance of religious diversity
Bringing the people to the glory

When engagements don’t agree
Statements and laws come to please
Poor souls, freedom curtailed
In the name of public safety
People’s freedom sacrifice

On the area of Parliament
Sanctuary derailed
Police came arresting the loving Malaysians
In the name of neutrality
In Parliament’s sanctuary police don’t care

29 activists arrested including opposition
Scooping down on the helpless souls
The police blocked say they had the court order
On Parliament soil where is the sanctuary?

The court jesters clapping
Bravo! Bravo! My grace!!
You have our support to the next phrase
Of wealth and power lining on the golden trail

Yeah the loving people know
Fighting battles on rising costs
Unseat the ruling party
There is a will to be done
When too many demons roam
It is time to change

If not, Operation Erase
Standing right in our gates
To protect the few
Satisfying their many tastes
We pay for it

The many prams on the streets
What are we the baby sitters?
Guarding them while the sleeping beauty sleeps
With a smile on the sleeping face

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