Friday, December 14, 2007


sydney2 024

koala bears Sydney Australia

The BN gets away
No dress down in the court of law
Nothing to unearth everything is okay
Now they walk home
True patriots of the country

The leaders of minority group
Now in jail out of sight for the next 2 years
The agendas they wanted to fight
It was wrong; it wasn’t worded properly

The others sit high on the poles
Wondering eyes searching for grace
The rule of law the government doesn’t want to engage
BN goes for the easy way

The rights of individual
On the dirt it has become
Federal Constitution guarantees
It has no effort…………
The greed of court jesters prevail
The pm just signed it away

The truce for now
The high poles waiting for the call
Damai Malaysia submitted memorandum
Telling the pm they don’t subscribe to street demonstrations
Hello? Who are these groups representing the silent majority?

Let the court decide
Are these people committed sedition?
Show the world we practice what we preach
Don’t say one thing go out doing another

Now the marginalized poor groups on the high
Be it Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans or others
What now looking at each other
Holding to the poles waiting for the time

The whip cracks
The dawn of quiet comes
The marching foot steps hear it loud
In the silent streets

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