Saturday, December 01, 2007


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The people got wet
On the streets they stood
Defying the police
Demanding their rights of way

Water lazed with chemical
The people didn’t care
They marched ahead
Believing it was their rights

Shouting their pleas
Of the unfairness meted to them
The economic cake isn’t distributed fairly
Centered only on a race
Leaving the crumbs for the others

The weakest has no alms
One has to beg to see the light of day
The rich and powerful mind their businesses
Any losses they hit at the streets demonstrators

The rallying got underway
The police threw tear gas
Charging the street demonstrators
They are paid to do a job
Fairly for the people
But have they?

The shouting and water cannons
The soaking wet street demonstrators
Believing of their rights to a fair distribution
Of the economic cake in the country

Then the pm says
“I hear you, I hear you!”
The government spins
The election is coming your way

Decide in the ballot boxes
Will it be fair I can’t say?
It has to play equal treatment
Through the daily affairs

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