Friday, December 14, 2007



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He kneels to pray
Asking for inspiration
Will he get his wish?
A second term for the nation

Now he has caught
The troublesome leaders of the civil rights movement
On the marginalized Indians
And other groups like BERSIH perhaps?

In his mind he knows the truth
Hiding behind his wagon of court jesters
Cheering him to take the rides
The naked truth he doesn’t want to see

The wishes of the Almighty Lord
Don’t do the wrong thing in your time
Don’t hide behind laws to stay on in power
If you make mistakes, be brave to admit it
Otherwise the wrath of the Almighty Lord
You will be hard to bear

Does he pray for his salvation?
On things he had done
I wish he has turned over
But I am only dreaming for now

The Lord will decide
It is as mysterious as it comes
As he kneels to pray
He must realize it by now

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