Saturday, December 29, 2007


Our Earth spinning
Everybody just walks and breathes
Knowing not what will happen
Thinking it is only the every day occurrences

The killings on the streets
The loved ones get chopped off at homes
The militants don’t care about your lives
They fight for a cause line up to heavens

The Arctic ice melts slowly
Flooding occurs in low lying areas
The earthquakes and typhoons
Tsunami and underground dancing

Diseases spread
No end to the fight
The plagues of doom
People just let it go
Thinking it comes and goes

The wars in other countries
About greed and corrupted power
Lives get lost, maimed and killed
Military weapons unleashed
Many will perish
Who will be listening?

Even in religions
Many disputes to no end
Claiming the Almighty Lord
Is only for them………
Fight in His Name
His people just carry it away

All the signs are there
Everybody just walks and breathes
It isn’t me………… and everything else
It is the system gone wrong
We will pay for it and still do
Because we never learn at all

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