Saturday, December 15, 2007


You think election will be 2008?
There are many costs coming your way
This is how the sleeping beauty yawns
Thinking of the sparkling jewels
Arising out in his dreams

Tenaga wants power increases every year
Up to 10 years down the road
Will it happen to feed the bottom line?
Cost cutting employees too high

Cables losses every now and then
Yet we don’t hear what Tenaga wants to do
It is just easy asking the government for an increase
The people on the streets will pay through it

This is a government controlled company
The privatization is a goner in many ways
Everything is going up as years gone by
Saying it hurts the mind

I watch on the side line
The people will go for the drive
On the streets care not what the BN government says
Price increases the people pay

So the election in 2009
1st quarter of the year
When the hue and cry has died down
The hurtful feeling has subside
Then the general election wakes up the mind
The people will have to decide

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