Monday, December 24, 2007


Hishamuddin 'the keris' wants action on the Gerakan Vice Youth Chief on his remark regarding the marginalized Indians. Gerakan Acting President felt annoyed with Hishamuddin 'the keris' interference with the politics of Gerakan. He said he can discipline his own members. UMNO leadership doesnt want to discipline own members giving seditious speeches. The UMNO leaders use to bash the Chinese as if the China Man is their bogey man. Now the coalition partners should know how UMNO leaders work and their mentality on 'ketuanan melayu' The presidents of these component parties should wake up now and see the true color of UMNO. UMNO doesnt want you as explicitly said by its vice president in PPP annual gathering in Malacca. Time the racial base parties should look into their mirrors and honestly say what they think. But I think I am just wishing.............because the curry trail is too strong for these people to ignore. People especially leaders want the power and wealth. It is greed no less. So it will take sacrifices to make it works. If these leaders dont want to change, so it is left to the people to effect changes in the country's landscape. Dont let the cheats rule the country. Make your choices and dont get fooled by these leaders antics and slogans.

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