Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Food supplies were airdropped over Pekan yesterday for distribution to relief centres cut off by floodwaters.

courtesy from The Star

Goods in the sky
Swaying coolly with the wind
Parachuting by the army
On the floods victims
Housing on higher grounds

Blurry eyes
All promises every time
The government leaders show their faces
Publicity in the press
Next year the floods visiting again

The never ending story
There is no money to be made
Charity seems pushing far behind
There must be contra to alleviate misery
Do we ever learn our lessons?

Oh well what I can say
Yesterday comes again
Here, there and everywhere
Yet we can work it out
Kick out the inept leaders
Bury the corrupted parties
Once and for all

Then there will be new perspective
Of things done to alleviate flooding
Yeah don’t blame God for it
It is our stupidity; this is where we came in
Change it
It is in our hands

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