Friday, December 14, 2007


Today I attended a short talk on Face and Destiny by one of the reknown feng shui experts Joey Yap of KL in TAR college here. Of course I couldnt understand much of his talk because he delivered in about 90% Cantonese and about 10% English. I was quite a blur in the hall of over 4oo people. The Face seems to tell how a person will be and how well he will be in the future. The elements involved looking at the person's nose, mouth, ears, eyes and brows. Each characteristic will tell a story. Face reading is a fascinating subject but for the lay people the short summary will tell what to look for. Big eyes say very emotional type small eyes calculative like you find in the accounting profession. Every part of the face plays a role in a person's life journey. In sum I think it is how a person behaves and helps others will determine his course of his life's journey. A person can change his distress in life. Nothing is ever permanent. The living always evolves daily. In this view I think plastic surgery will either help you to change for the better or make it worst for an individual. Because a line has been altered, the destiny will be changed.

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