Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The day light comes to me
The shafts of golden rays
Sweeping all around
As I stand at the centre of the courtyard

Listening to the breezy tunes
Circulating all around me
It’s the summer time
When the weather is hot

Across the courtyard
The merry makers dance on the streets
Balloons string it high in the sky
Shouting of merry tunes
When the weather is hot

The uniform personnel look with weary eyes
When the weather is hot tiring mind
Surveying at the merry makers
Holding yellow balloons in the hot sun

And the breezy wind waving along
Supporting the yellow marchers
Singing catchy tunes on the streets
The uniform personnel eye them with weary eyes
On the busy streets

I see them on the court yard
The shafts of light pierce through
The walls see the dancing signatures
Dancing with the yellow balloons

When weather is hot
The dancing yellow balloons
Marching in the scorching light
The breezy wind waves along
On the busy streets

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