Friday, December 07, 2007


IGP: Hindraf trying to garner support from terrorist group
picture courtesy from The Star

The IGP said that the HINDRAF is trying to garner support from the terrorist groups to fund for its cause in the country. He should make his claim click by telling the people which group of terrorist he is talking about. It will become mischievous and outright lie if he can't submit his intention on the HINDRAF. I am no supporter of HINDRAF but I will lend support on the marginalised Indians in the country. This is something the BN government should do. It is already 50 years of independence and the multi-racial benefits are still left to be shared properly amongst the races in the country. First the AG lead the prosecution team on the charges against the 31 HINDRAF supporters among others one of intention to commit murder. Now the second the IGP raised the bar that the HINDRAF wants to link to terrorist group(s) to fight for their causes in the country. The AG and IGP should sit down and find ways why these Indians in the country marched on 25/11/07? Charging them just to say that they disobey the laws is a lame excuse. The decades of grouses must be nipped in the bud before the opportunistic groups take hold of these marginalised Indians in the country. In a way MIC under Samy Vellu has failed to help the Indians. Samy Vellu should resign now. He can't claim he has helped the Indians. On 25/11/07 proved that the MIC or IPF or PPP hasnt done enough to alleviate the problems facing the Indians in the nation. The other racial component parties in BN must take cognizance of the one sided benefits dishing out to a race. It is the time the presidents of these parties should make a stand that the country's wealth must be shared with all races in the country. If these presidents can't fight for it, they better quit BN partnership. They have to bite the bullet to stake a claim for the other Malaysians to gain dignity support in the country's wealth and benefits. The marginalized groups are not linked to the Indians only; it is also happening to the Malays, Chinese and other races in the country. Take a look around in the kampongs and villages or the hinterland in Sabah and Sarawak, one will see the difference. If the Abdullah says he is the pm for all races in the country, he should make time to listen to the HINDRAF leaders. He should make it upon himself to meet them. In doing so I believe he will score point on his leadership although I always say he doesnt know what he says. Just like a parrot keep saying the same words all over again and again. His son in law says on the veto decision. In other words Abdullah can't make his own decision. These people are Malaysians so go and meet them. What's wrong with that? Pride and ego is it? When I was the GM of a company I practised the open door policy. Any one of the organization can drop by to talk to me be it low ranking staff, dept managers or customers. My staff knew too that I would go to them on my rounds. I walk the talk. You can see how the reaction of these people. In my years in the company then I didnt find headache problems to solve. The staff did for me. So I could enjoy my working walking around. Likewise the pm should do it. He has to plan what he needs to do; dont let outsiders plan for him. If he allows it, he finds himself touching the empty goal post. He is shooting blanks. He has to change his habits. He has to bite the bullet to change his mindset. The people surrounding him must do his plans; not the other way round they tell him what to do. This is what I felt he is doing. Now to score point in his political score card, he should meet the HINDRAf leaders. Listen to them and tell them what he thinks and what laws he will use if these leaders misbehave or IGP says link to terrorist group(s). It is better to give some then lose everything in the end.

p/s nazri says it is linked to Tamil Tiger and RSS. Now the Hindraf leaders must tell otherwise

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