Sunday, December 23, 2007


You buy a land
Thinking you want to invest
For the future so you think
Leaving it sitting in the Land Office

You buy a land
You build your dream house on it
Paying your rates dutifully
Not knowing the rats have eaten it away

Years gone the land worth millions
When you go to check
It just disappears!
You title of the land
Now worth nothing

Somebody has got a title
Through the officers in the Land Office
It is transferred without your knowledge
You argue, you shout, you show temper
You write, you appeal, you cry
Nothing comes your way

You file court appeal
The Federal Court finally says
You have lost your land title
You have nothing

The fraudulent transaction
It turns legitimate by Federal Court
Though the laws say
Fraud cases can’t be right

So now it is advice
Check your land dutifully
You may not know
What the rats will do!

p/s case study Adorna Properties where the Federal Court ruled in its favor. The truthful owner got nothing on her land. She passed away years ago.

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