Tuesday, December 18, 2007


BERSIH wants to organize another street rally if the current EC tenure is extended. Parliament has passed the amendment to extend the age from 65 to 66 years old. The rationale is just looking silly to me. Why must the government rush into this? Unless UMNO/BN has something else in mind or rather something to hide. This current guy must have known it base on what he said in the press. If he has any liking for the country, he should go out quietly. Let another guy to run the show. There is no point of him supervising the election processes when he had made it clear that he isnt neutral when he said something like this "BN is the party to rule the country" It just reminded me of the show "Hairspray" when the station manager rigged votes for her daughter to win in the contest. Of course in the show she didnt manage do it when other people had ideas of their own. He should retire and write his memoirs and let others read about it. He shouldnt make it a mess any more. Many people say it isnt transparent though it is made out to be. The opposition parties have alot to say about it.

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