Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Abdullah says development are for all races. It is true for any party which rules the country. He should give statistics on breakdowns on race which benefits the most on the country's developements. If he says that developments are there for all to see, how much each gets a cut of the country's wealth and development? But there is 40% soaring complaints on lack of transparency, accountability and corruption permeating in the systems. The devilish NEP is for the Malays. No other races is entitled to it. But when Tun Razak visualised it, he meant for all Malaysians but the ruling UMNO used it for themselves and its race. NEP when it is implemented has a noble role to play but because of greed and power it has siphoned off to just one race. Kerisham wants to know who is behind the rallies and streets demonstrations. He doesnt want to hear the changes the people want for fair and just electorate system. The EC always allows the ruling BN government to draw benefits for the ruling parties by shifting voters. This is one of the methods used for the ruling BN to stay on in power. As I said before the ruling BN power base is in the rural areas. When the opposition parties can break the UMNO holds in the rural areas, the battle will be won. The urban areas are 50:50 either way. Those people in urban and city areas are well read and IT savvy to peruse news and judge for themselves what the country's needs and ways to look for change. The rural areas only recognize the amount of money runs into the small projects under JKKK and believing that the UMNO(government) has come to their aids. This simple kampong folks never know how much the leaders have pocketed for their cronies and friends in mega projects. Now the people hear the hints of the general election. See the projects handled by the BN government. My wish the leaders in BN should come clean in their thoughts and actions. They shouldnt take the people for a ride. For 50 years the pumping on the ground has cracked. The fissures have mushroomed into many parts of the country and in its administration and local/city councils. The people must go for change. Let other parties to run the country for a change. If you dont like it, change again. We mustn't be fooled by the BN party that stability in government will bring developments. Just take a look around in world government. USA keeps changing party to run the country. UK to follow the same. Australia just changed its party to run the government. So we must change. The BN party has ruled the country for 50 years starting from the Alliance now National Front. It is already too long for a party to stay on in power. Time people need a new party to manage the country.

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