Saturday, December 15, 2007


The Hindraf leaders in the web of ISA
They were sent directly to Kamunting Taiping
For the darkest hour of their lives for 2 years running
Will they become the heroes of the marginalized Indians?
These poor Indians will go with them believing they are the saviour
Of the poor and left out people in the economic cake
The MICputras forget about their roots in pursuit of their wants
Now here come the battle of fresh faces
The downtrodden Indians will sing their praises
What they want are to balance the cake economically
Sharing it sincerely with them without taking away their rights
Brought here by the British over 200 years ago
They are left to fend themselves for the rights never came
Along came the 'cicak' men they thought they found some lights
In the end ISA came to net them away
These marginalized groups
Be it Malay or Chinese or Indian or Iban or Kandazan
They should work harder engaged in useful opportunities
The BN government won't give you much in return..........
They want to make these people cling to them for handouts
Every time when election is near..............
Think about it
So many years nothing really improving your lots
You are still there struggling to get the shackles free
Only a small percentage got to the centre stage
Only a small trail for others to come later
But dust and pollution soon cover it up
In the end it has become a concrete jungle
Locking up the marginalized people inside
The sound of despair and cry of help
Then ISA comes knocking on doors
The few improved lots sent to behind doors
The marginalized Indians are caught
They go back to where they belong
For now until another time another rally

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