Saturday, December 08, 2007


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Fight for freedom
It seems so hard to make it
The police and the government
Never wants to make it easy

Who are the saviors?
Like in the western cowboy stories
Guns blazing the bad guys in smoke
Right here it is the tear gas and chemical water cannons
But they aren’t our saviors
They are the ones making it difficult
For the citizens to feel the march of walking

Federal Constitution spells it out
Under sections and sub sections
Yet the government says it isn’t
The wings to fly the cages locked
Una Paloma Blanca
I want my freedom; I want it to fly

The business community never supports
They want money no disturbance at all
Yet they forget without the sparks in lives
There won’t be business; there won’t be customers
As they say “customer is king”
Yet one feels so hollow in it

We play the role the voting king and queen
When we become the customers the laws say differently
We are never treated as they say “customer is king”
The government just clips our wings make us sweat
Not knowing where is our right where is not our right

Una Paloma Blanca
Fight for freedom
Spread your wings and fly
I salute your determination
For drawing out your calls
In freedom words can’t describe it well

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