Saturday, December 15, 2007


In the early morning rise
You get up to see the light
Blushing faces you remember
You need to hit it right

Years of many wishful thinking
When you were young you didn’t know where
What life will be for you?
It seems like yesterday

Now decades down the road
Friends you know spreading far and wide
Getting up knowing to see these friends again
The young faces have now changed

Years of struggles good or bad
Hardships and sorrows on the streets
Some make it to the top
Others just contented with their lots

Life of friends many changes
The shadows of lives some hide away
Dare not come to say hello
Of the gathering of friends
In school right through the aging glow

The smile and laughter ring true
Days of yesterday today seems never changes
Lines on the faces journey accomplished
Some drop out some gone forever

Cheers to those years
Living it doesn’t make it less
The memories of the young faces
Running walking without a care to the world

Now the gathering
Once more to live through
Of years gone by living it today
Till we meet once again
p/s this is the gathering of classmates/schoolmates of class 77 ACS Kampar held in Serdang Selangor

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