Friday, December 07, 2007


The year 2007 is coming to an end
It is counting down 23 days to the road
The beginning of a new dawn
Some take stock; some stare at the days gone away

Some in hurry to plan new objectives
Plans and plans without plans one gets nothing
It is best to make achievable targets
Don’t get wasted on lofty desires
Get the small ones build up the momentum
So it is the long term objective and medium range
Pick your choices work it out in your head
Don’t be so greedy; you won’t get it in the end

I am talking about personal achievements
Down on the life plan achievable targets
Don’t get fooled into believing everything can be had
Learn to space out through your life span
In it you will get your desires…………

I have nothing else to say
I got mine years ago
Now my plan is in cyber space
Put my footsteps let it float away

The notebook and the walking free
Out into the open sitting in cafes
Driving around seeing the nature
People and their antics

If I really want to make money
I have floating plan in my head
Right now there isn’t time to navigate it
The opportunity of a place I haven’t found

But I know what I will do
In the cyberspace I stalk my time
Learning a few things perhaps
Writing poems I think I like that

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