Saturday, December 01, 2007


"I hear you" the sleeping beauty declared. After over 4 years and street demonstrations he finally came to that conclusion. Did he really wake up in his sleep? He has the mandate to do things right for the people. It is the slow coaching which resulted in derailments. People grievances must be dealth with immediately. He is elected to help the people. Yet he doesnt handle it correctly. The government spins and trying to do damage control but it comes out tamely. Even the former pm didnt agree with the current administration. It is labelled a half past 6 administration. Every time he says I am worried whether he knows what he is saying. His past records and statements is hardly assuring. Changes can run unannounced. Every time a major decision is made, the tax payers lose money. Like the bridge project to Singapore on then off and the government has to pay over $200 millions on compensation though the company submitted less than the amount. He didnt explain the higher cost of compensation. "I hear you" because the election is coming round the corner. Most people expect it to be held 2nd quarter of 2008 though I hold the view it should be in 1st quarter of 2009. It is his son in law and his corridors and his campaigns of helping the rural poor.....the more he holds on to his post, the more his son in law can do. There is no reason to hold an election in 2008. He can do it when his term is up in 2009 so why not stay on to power for a bit longer? Somewhere mountains or hills to flatten it.......................correct, correct, correct I hear you!!!!!

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