Sunday, December 16, 2007


The bare bones
The flesh all gone
Don’t your remember
When rising costs eat you through

Pockets full of emptiness
Leaving holes trying hard to make ends meet
Amongst the many working people
Listening to the government leaders
Now who will help them?

The rich sleep peacefully
No demonstration no worry
Every day a blissful chord
Ringing in their ears

Only the working class
And the poor drumming their heads
Will they survive another round of costs high?
And Tenaga wants to jump into the wagon
Squeezing the people dry

The cross bar aiming
Which bull eye to hit?
On this coming Christmas Holiday
The sleeping beauty snores away
He doesn’t need to know

The irritating rats in the cage
The Christmas Holiday a truce for now
“You want to go home free?
You play my game don’t rock the boat”
The rats lower their eyes
Live for another day is much better
Then none at all in aggressiveness
So they plead; so they try

The naked bones
Hard to see the next tear fall
Play smart don’t jump into the sea
Good tiding will arise
Patience plays the triumph card

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