Saturday, December 22, 2007


courtesy kamalsell on flickr

The high cost of floods
It comes with no clear cut nationality
It crosses every where
Where nature gets the blue

The black spots
The greedy corporations do
The government supports the move
Now it is for the eyes to see

Every year
The spot checks begin
Do we change our attitude?
Nay it is still the same thing

Correct, correct and correct
It is ok, ok and ok
Now lately there is this
Quick, quick and quick
The flooding flows without racial sting

The greed of wealth
Never take nature for granted
It will be our own disasters
As it spreads out in our eyes

The softly rain
It makes fool out of our lives
Teaching us lessons
Take care of nature
It will take care of our times

Sadly when the footprints disappear
We are back at our worst habits
Quick, quick and quick
The greed flows like the faint rain
Trapping us of our fear
Yet we never learn
Our lessons all those years!

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