Friday, December 07, 2007


Money runs in our lives
The rich don’t need it badly
As the poor and financially trapped

The heart breaking stories
Of gullible women on paid trips
The kind hearted souls thinking it costs nothing
Getting peanuts lose lives in the end

Don’t tell me these women aren’t educated
They gone to school and universities
Yeah life can be hard in growing up years
This is the part one has to play
Knock on doors hard it may be

Don’t go for the short cut to get rich
There is nothing free in getting wealth
One has to pay the honest way
Bend the rules lose a life

picture courtesy from rockybru
raja munirah raja iskandar shah facing a 7 year jail sentence in Japan
Be very observant
Let the mind tells you the traps
Nothing is free when it is money
Don’t fall for the job sounding so easy

Lessons many never learn
Hardship and sorrows part of the life
It is to build history and smile seeing the light
This is what it is meant
Work hard for it
Don’t short changed a life
Just because there is easy money!

p/s she needs help of $20,000 to let the lawyers plead for her case. You can go to www. for the details

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