Saturday, December 01, 2007


The people take rides
On the orchard full of fruits
Hanging up tempting eyes
This is how it is working by the leaders

Cruising with fun fares
Hiding the truth the people forget
Looking at the ripe fruits
Mouth watering minds go crazy

Vote the leaders
The eyes see on the fruits
This is how democracy works
For the people getting fooled

The leaders don’t care
After getting the passage
Leaving the people
Poking on the dead fruits
On the ground decaying by worms

When hands raise
The leaders look and wave it away
The people take rides
Into the darkness by the neon lights

When the cries echo in the darkness
The leaders sip champagne listening to the orchestra
Stringing their lives of wealth and splendor
The people catch the empty barrels

The wind of change must ride
Don’t get fooled in the end
Every party can do a good job
It is the taxpayers’ money
After all getting things done

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