Monday, December 03, 2007


Hard landing: Some of the paratroopers landed hard on the Langkawi airport tarmac while some others landed in the sea due to strong winds during the mock exercise which went awry yesterday. — G.C. TAN / The Star

Paratroopers jump
In the blue sky feeling the wind
Rushing adrenalin the freedom in the sky
Every body who tries

On the ground people stare
High in the sky
Looking at the brave ones
Parachuting in the blue clouds

The humans fly
In formation and the likes
The ground people looking up
Some with video cams

Then tragedy strikes
Wind blowing many knots
The direction goes wrong
The horror faces on the ground
Death of the brave ones

Some landed on the hard tarmac
Some blow off course to the sea
During the rehearsal in Langkawi
For LIMA 2007

The army mounted search and rescue missions
The local fishermen too chipped in
A tragedy in the annals of LIMA
In history of this popular event

My condolences to the affected families
Every job there is a risk involved
They know it so is the nation

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