Monday, December 17, 2007

IT NEVER ENDS...................

Oh floods!
The natural vengeance on the wrong policies
“Take away my natural flow
This is how I punish the people”

The economy of plundering
Never study how it is working
Filling up the natural contours
The natural flows blocked by greedy developments

Now every year the same story
Deaths and destructions
It has become the sad tale
On humans suffering

Asking the corporations
Others to play a part to alleviate the suffering
Is this the solution?
When the root cause has not been addressed?

Treat nature with respect
Understand its laws meandering down the lines
There are inlets and outlets out for the flow
Don’t block it even one finds the pot of gold!
The properties loss and lives gone; it’s payback time

The people too must play their roles
Don’t treat the drains, seas and rivers
It isn’t a dumping ground of one’s wastes
Where is the love of nature gone?

It is greed
The wealth on nature deposits
When will the people learn?
Learn to take responsibility
Nature is the gift from God

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