Saturday, December 29, 2007


The young politicians
Running on a plan course
Believing they should run the nation
Get the older people to pasture

This is the classic story
It happens in history
The young Turks can’t wait
Patience isn’t their virtues
They want the shining gold in a hurry
This is where each and every one will fall

Currently they can hide
Behind the older leaders
What they say and do
People only say here and there
When it falls
The older leaders take the blame

Experience needs nourishments
It takes years to build reputation
Anybody politician should learn the ropes
When they are in their 30s
They should learn until they hit 40s

Then they can talk about something
The plans for the future
The country needs and the roles they will play

People in hurry
It’s like the comet
Glaring in the dark sky
Suddenly it disappears

Patience makes dreams come true
Of one desires on something
Learn it while one is at it
One never loses to learn a trade

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