Monday, December 03, 2007


Do you know that you won't get to sample the best of Malaysian fruits? I always hear about our local fruits exported to foreign countries for the exchange of higher profits but leave the people hardly any chance to taste the best in the country. Sometimes I hear about minister saying the best foods will be exported and the not so good ones let the locals buy it. Why can't the BN go ernment take a leaf from the Thai government? The best flagrance rice in Thailand isnt exported out to the neighbouring countries. The Thai government keeps it at home. If any foreigner wants to taste it, the foreigner should visit Thailand. Tourist industry blooms in Thailand. Likewise Thailand best durians aren't exported....I got the feedback from a Thai and I did visit Thailand before and I found the best durians there - big creamy and golden color. I dont find those here. What Thailand exports to the country is the 3rd grade durians. I also tasted the best durians of the country but it is always on short supplies. In Perak I dont get to taste the best durians locally. Most of the durian sellers send it to the Selangor saying it fetches a better price. So in case I go back to Klang Valley maybe I try to look for the best durians....Here I can't get to taste the best papaya but my relatives in Hong Kong had tasted it. And it is from Malaysia. How come I dont get to taste it here? For the tourist industry to grow like Thailand, the best should be kept at home. The tourists can visit the country then sample the local fruits. The BN leaders should map it out now. The BN government can't depend on Petronas to fund its development. In future it has to be the tourism industry. So the best should stay at home; let the tourists come here to taste it.

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