Sunday, December 30, 2007


The hit-men on hire
The operation on motorcycles
It is easy to ride easy to hide
When the job is done
It is quickly disappeared

The Police don’t know
The CID hasn’t any clue
Lawyers gunned down
Businessmen too
Sometimes with long knife
Maybe forced suicides……

And the enforcement officers
They aren’t spared at all
They receive threatening letters and live bullets
The message is clear
Live or Die you choose it

On the streets of the nation
It can happen in the city or town
As long as money is exchanged
Somebody will be dead before the sun is up

This is the scene
You think you see it in movies
Now it is as real as you can feel it
There are people out for hiring

The hit-men on the prowl
The Police still talks about street demonstrations

Important issues they put aside
Let the people march peacefully
By all means attached conditions
There will be silent march to say a cause

The hit-men from the North to the South
Out for hire where money is the commodity
Lives will be lost when the bad guys are free
Don’t feel safe when the killers on hire is around
And the Police still suck on street demonstrations

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