Saturday, December 08, 2007


Nazri says that the Hindraf group is linked to Tamil Tigers and RSS of India. Why doesnt Musa issue from his office as the Inspector of the Police? I just hope it doesnt just say on words and leave it as that. The BN government is trying to pin it on the Hindraf leaders. Now the Hindraf leaders must issue statement to say it "like a man when he is challenged" This is a serious charge upon the leaders. This is also another way to divert the people's attention on what Hindraf leaders are doing for now. Marginalized groups do exist in the country. Nobody can doubt it. It is some leaders trying to help these groups put in their own agendas to say certain things happened. But on examination by the authority there is nothing to say certain events occur. It is words and contents that wrongly put that resulted into a different picture. Now the Hindraf leaders are put into defense mode. They owe the public the reasons so they must explain it carefully. On another matter, internet news commented that the Malays are going to do a street demonstration on 19/12/07 starting at Kampong Baru in KL. Of course it is not published or highlighted in the main newspapers and no statement too from the police or IGP. Malaysia is very colorful................the melting pot of races and events, religious challenges, demonstrations, lopsided policies, "i dont know" thing, leaders sleeping on jobs, elected reps have no say at all in Parliament on people's problems; everyone must follow the party whip otherwise punishement will be meted out on the wayward MPs, taking a long time to rectify wrong when it is told(like Alor Star in Kedah about land assessment tax starting in 2005 yet after nearly over 2 years the MB says he needs time to study it. Can you believe that?), lack of accountability, transparency and low urgency to wipe out corruption where it has risen not tackled it seriously..............and so many others happening in the country. When I think about it, it is more or less happening in many countries. It is the degree of how much one could take it and let it be : play some, win some and lose some and crying out loud when it is happening to you or me or them....................that's Malaysia..............she is so colorful

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