Tuesday, December 11, 2007



my grandniece Isabelle HC Webb Australia

Don’t make fun on me
“I am Izzy as they called
I wink my eyes slightly smile
Then they leave me alone for awhile”

“Look at me
Sweetly glow in my eyes
As I try to play along
My aunties and my mother”

“Rocking me
I feel I am on a high
I am nicely held together
In case I fall down hurting myself”

“I am Izzy
My mother proud of me
So are my dad and my aunties
Watching me all day long”

“Here I can pretend
My wicked smile but nobody sees
I am talented in my baby ways
My mother is all blinded to me”

“I am Izzy
So I guess they think I am easy
Growing up in my world
I want to make it”

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