Thursday, December 06, 2007


Before you try
It is better you imagine
The whole scene in your mind
Where it will be when you open your eyes?

Sitting on the edge of stone square
Looking at the world go by
The birds flying in formation
The rainbow colors across the bright blue sky

The people have power to stroke the changes
It is there yet the majority just let it go by
Why rock the boat they seem to say?
They closed up minds, the blind eyes, the deafening ears
The majority walk as if nothing is really happening at all

Daily routines in shopping malls
Chit chatting in any medium
The hellos and goodbyes
The television and movies
Closed out the affairs of the state
Let it be why rock the boat?

When the grief strikes a chord
In the life along the jamming streets
The people then realize what a fool they have been
The power in a hand of few
The sorrows ring out in their minds
As they walk on to bring changes around

The breeze and the congregation
Blowing hard and soft across nation
The tears amongst the poor and downtrodden
The government wasted funds for something else
The homeless and sickening poor somehow forgotten

Sitting on the stone square
On an island where Eagle Square stood
The softly waves of the wind blowing
Capturing my imagination years ago
I sat sail away without going back since
The memories and the stories whatever
Embedded in my consciousness
Let it play
“Stranger on the shore”
Only my history running somewhere
On the island where Eagle Square stood

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