Thursday, December 06, 2007


You want to walk or you don’t
This is the objective to raise awareness
For the people to see and know
The Bar Council has gone AWOL

You can find them in Central Market
Posing as models for the artists
Giving business so they can raise stakes
In another forum they have something to say

When the march for awareness
The Bar Council closes its doors
Holding their own prayers
Telling everybody to go home
There is nothing to be had
There is nothing to say at all

Are the lawyers suddenly got no fire?
To go for a peaceful walk on the streets
Go as plan as what people believe
Let the masses realize you mean what you say

Don’t get screwed yourself
By the power that sings the marching tune
Use your fiery words to chant your way
There will be a light somewhere
You never know if you don’t try at all

So 9 December 2007
There will be a march I am sure
Starting at 7.30 in the morning
At Sogo in Kuala Lumpur

The breakfast walk
For sunshine in the horizon
For people who care
The future of the generations

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