Thursday, December 27, 2007


'Allah' isnt meant to serve one religion. He is there for all seasons. He is there for everybody. 'Allah' isnt a patent right or word. He is the living Lord governing and ruling the universe. Arabs call Him that. The religion of the Jews, Christians and Muslims originated from there. If Jews and Christians want to use the word 'Allah', why not allow them to use Him? Why say it is meant for the Muslim? Islam too flows from the same tree so nobody should claim 'Allah' belongs to one particular sect. The bahasa malaysia version of 'God' is 'Tuhan' and if Jews and Christians want to use the term 'Allah', it is for the best. Finally the religious leaders can say 'There is one God and His name is Allah.............." It is the narrow minded leaders which derailed the concept of the best religion......................only the leaders can look beyond their own eyes and minds. Then again as long as every body believes there is only One God, there is still hope for humanity. As we know there are many names for the Living God in every structure of the society from the ancient to the present modern world

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