Sunday, December 16, 2007


Many people say
Malaysia practices democracy
Every 4- 5 years there is a general election
Every one will exercise one’s right
To elect a person to represent the constituency
Under the banner of which party he/she represents

The EC plays his role
Pandering towards the government of the day
By right he should stay neutral
Yet because of his livelihood
He says contrary to his status

Shifting voters
As the game plays
As democracy prevails
Majority wins

The subtle movements
The opposition sees it clearly
Even NGOs know its ways
One leg up for the ruling party

So when in Parliament
The MPs are toothless
Under the party whip
Every one must toe the line

The people choices are just rigged
On the surface every one plays the role
In the August House we are short changed
The MPs can’t say anything on their minds

Is this democracy?
When MPs are stringed to the party whip
The Paid Piper in tuning their minds
Ah…I want my iced Milo

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