Thursday, December 06, 2007


Why the need to extend a person age of tenure? When the mandatory age arrives to retire, one has to go. Give the mandate to someone's else waiting in the wings. The EC chairman has to retire in a couple of months yet the government under BN wants to extend his tenure in the subtle move to keep BN in power I suppose. This rattles the political conscious urbanites. These people see it as the way to keep BN in power by manipulating the voting system. The EC chairman must be neutral but he is not. This tells me that democracy here isnt according to the democratic principles. It fits into the mould of the ruling elite yet the taxpayers like me get short changed. The BN leaders under AAB believe that the Agong may not approve the EC chairman tenure for another year. So now the BN Government leaders are tabling an amendment bypassing the Agong and get their candidate to stay on for another year. In this subtle move, the GE will be called after April perhaps otherwise it will be the first quarter of 2009. Now BERSIH is planning another demonstration in front of Parliament House on 11/12/07 against this back door amendment by the BN government. The BN government moves signal that there are no calibre candidates to run the EC. I feel the BN leaders think they can't get a candidate to toe their lines. The mighty Lord will keep notes of what transpires with the BN government. When the time comes, He will make His move to change the government. Right now dont get fooled by BN C4 boys. Just throw them out and the BN government. Get a new party to govern the country; time is the 12th General Election otherwise dont cry on your spill milk.

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